Q1. What is the Kodingwindow?

Kodingwindow is an open-source programming platform for learners to realize their potential and build mind-blowing practical solutions. This platform has hundreds of problem statements, solutions, and approaches in various programming languages to boost the confidence of students, novices, job seekers, IT professionals, etc.

Q2. Why it is an open-source platform?

Shubham Darda, the Founder and Architect of Kodingwindow, is inspired by the great Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. He doesn't want learners to be in any constraint or boundary. Furthermore, the Kodingwindow would like to spark your ideas, energize your brain, encourage you to think uniquely, and help you to identify your unfathomable potential.

Q3. Who can learn on this platform?

Anyone. Whoever has an alacrity to learn programming concepts, algorithms, and different approaches to solve the problems are welcome. It is an additional benefit for learners who are having a (Diploma, Engineering, Technology, etc.) background in Computer Science and Information Technology.

Q4. Why don't learners have the comments section below the pages?

It is one of the Kodingwindow's practices to keep this platform clean and free from incorrect information. As the learners come from various educational backgrounds with different age groups, and comments from the same might create confusion to other learners. Moreover, we keep up the standard work and provide authentic solutions. If you have doubts or concerns, then you can contact us through email.

Q5. Why should I contribute to this platform?

Kodingwindow is continuously improving the standard in terms of coding approaches, cogent explanations, algorithms, etc. This platform will help thousands of learners which might turn out to be a career-changing moment, and we never know when and how our approaches and solutions can help others.

Q6. How to contribute on this platform?

You can share your problem statement along with algorithm, solution, and output with an explanation in a single text file. It doesn't matter either you write two or thousand lines of code. What matters is the different approaches to solve a problem, the logic behind the code, and how efficient it is (only in terms of time-complexity). However, please refer to the next question which talks about criteria to contribute.

Q7. What are the criteria to contribute?

1. You need to submit at least fifty problem statements along with solutions, outputs, and explanation for each. Create a file of your work and submit on an email address mentioned at the bottom of this page.

2. The programs and explanations must be originally written by you, and it mustn't be published anywhere.

3. The problem statements and solutions which already exist on the Kodingwindow aren't going to re-publish again. Therefore, before submitting your work, you need to take a quick look at available problem statements and solutions so that you can utilize your time accordingly.

Note: We follow our internal guidelines to evaluate your work. Approximately, it takes fifteen days to examine and evaluate the same. Nevertheless, it might take more time depending upon the quality and type of work submitted.

Q8. What will I get after the contribution?

Your name as an author will be available, and the number of contributions will be maintained.

Q9. Why should I contribute without pay?

The tagline of Kodingwindow is "Let's learn and celebrate success together" it's all about sharing and augmenting knowledge. Besides, it is an open-source platform. If you don't want to contribute without pay, then please do learn on this platform as everything is free, so learn and make the most out of it.

Q10. Does this platform offer any jobs/internships?

No, Kodingwindow doesn't offer any paid and unpaid jobs and internships. Whereas, this platform helps you to boost self-confidence and strengthen the required skills for jobs and internships. On the other hand, if you want to contribute and encourage other learners, then Kodingwindow always welcomes you. For contribution, please kindly consult the above questions and answers.

For any queries and submission of your work, please write to us on kodingwindow@outlook.com
Thank You. Keep Learning, Keep Experimenting, Keep Doing More.